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Can the Concept of Maneuver Warfare be Usefully Applied in Cyber Operations?

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Although the cyber domain has several unique characteristics, the timeless principles of maneuver warfare can still be readily applied as in the conventional domains of land, maritime, air, and space.[1] Maneuver in cyberspace also leverages many of the same techniques, tactics and procedures (TTPs) as the conventional domains, but with some notable difference, herein explored. For the purpose of this article, the intent of maneuver warfare is to ensure the tactical mobility of capable friendly forces and deny it to the adversary in order to place him at a tactical disadvantage. I also stipulate that movement to and within a theater is a given, thereby focusing our analytical effort on cyber maneuver at the tactical within a theater of operations, though crossing domains. Because cyberspace is a man-made domain that is both virtual and physical, the specific TTPs are distinct, yet they can largely exist within established conceptions of maneuver warfare. As cyberspace is physical, logical, and human in nature, it is possible to maneuver to exploit vulnerabilities at each of these levels.

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