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Critical Infrastructure Exercise 16.2 – A Transformative Cybersecurity Learning Experience

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With an increased awareness that the critical infrastructure which keeps our country running is surprisingly vulnerable—not just to physical attacks, but also to cyberattacks that can be initiated from anywhere in the world—the state of Indiana executed CRIT-EX 16.2 on the 18th and 19th of May, 2016, at the Muscatatuck Urban Training Center. This cyberattack readiness exercise aimed to improve the overall security and responsiveness of Indiana’s critical infrastructure in the face of an advanced cyber incident that disrupts essential water utility services and presents a public safety threat. Indiana, like the rest of the country, comprehends that it has a short window of opportunity to prepare for a major cybersecurity event that, if successful, could be as devastating as a major earthquake or tornado. In order to effectively prepare for such a scenario, Indiana’s cybersecurity stakeholders realize that they had to begin building high-functioning, collaborative networks that span the public and private sector. By working to collaborate on high-risk cyber issues, organizations throughout the state of Indiana are elevating their response postures and preparing to ratchet up their ability to confront the threats of tomorrow.

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