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Solving the Army’s Cyber Workforce Planning Problem using Stochastic Optimization and Discrete-Event Simulation Modeling

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Army Cyber Institute, Operations Research Center, Systems Engineering

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The U.S. Army Cyber Proponent (Office Chief of Cyber) within the Army's Cyber Center of Excellence is responsible for making many personnel decisions impacting officers in the Army Cyber Branch (ACB). Some of the key leader decisions include how many new cyber officers to hire and/or branch transfer into the ACB each year, and how many cyber officers to promote to the next higher rank (grade) each year. We refer to this decision problem as the Army's Cyber Workforce Planning Problem. We develop and employ a discrete-event simulation model to validate the number of accessions, branch transfers, and promotions (by grade and cyber specialty) prescribed by the optimal solution to a corresponding stochastic goal program that is formulated to meet the demands of the current force structure under conditions of uncertainty in officer retention. In doing so, this research provides effective decision-support to senior cyber leaders and force management technicians.

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