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Towards A Career Path in Cyberspace

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In the past five years, the Department of Defense (DoD) recognized the emergence of cyberspace as an operational domain and created U.S. Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM). These events were the result of the realization that cyber operations are both a critical vulnerability and a massive opportunity. Within the Army, U.S. Army Cyber Command (ARCYBER) was created as the single command to conduct and oversee the Army’s operations in cyberspace. ARCYBER’s personnel and unit structure to carry out its mission within the Cyber Mission Forces (CMF) are still evolving. Critical to the Army’s success in cyberspace is the need for integrated career timelines for officers, warrants, and enlisted Soldiers. The need for a unified cyber career path is driven by operational necessity and a demand for efficiencies as our nation faces a critical national threat in cyberspace coupled with a lack of sufficiently trained personnel. To properly face the numerous threats in cyberspace, the Army needs to invest in the development of ‘cyber leaders’ who will possess the technical acumen and strategic vision to build and lead its forces in cyberspace. Initial planning for career paths in cyberspace operations is in progress. In order to help assist current and future analysis, we propose a model for what a mature Army cyber officer career path may look like.

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