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UHF SATCOM antenna ground plane height reduction using Ni-Zn magneto-dielectric materials

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Army Cyber Institute

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Conventional cross dipole UHF Satellite Communications (SATCOM) antennas require a fixed height above a ground plane for maximum performance (gain and beam width). Key to antenna miniaturization is to reduce the overall size of the antenna as well as the height of the radiating dipoles above its ground plane. In the following paper, we examine the height reduction and antenna performance using a magneto-dielectric material consisting of Nickel Zinc Ferrite nano particles. Through simulation and measurements, we demonstrate that a standard UHF SATCOM antenna requiring a 9.5" separation from its radiating element to ground plane will exhibit equal to or better performance when placed 4.5" above a magneto-dielectric ground plane - a reduction of approximately 50%.

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