Development and Validation of a Computer-Based Cross-Cultural Development and Assessment Tool (China-Region)

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Presentation will include both Power Point Slides (English and Chinese) as well as a computer demonstration of the simulation device; the presentation will be conducted in Chinese, but there will be simultaneous translation with headsets provided.

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Spring 5-4-2017

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A team of four USMA cadets is working with a team of students from the University of Virginia under Army Research Lab Sponsorship to develop a computer-based cross-cultural simulation platform focused on China. During this capstone project, the cadets researched issues of cross-cultural competency in the English and Chinese-language literature, researched particular issues in Chinese Culture, traveled on local trip sections to meet with Chinese officials, and conducted field research in mainland China and Taiwan. Through close collaboration with their UVA partners, the cadets transferred the socio-cultural knowledge gained from their research and fieldwork into the simulation platform. Initial validation of the simulation platform was conducted using cadets taking LC 204 (N approx. 60). On Projects Day, the cadets will present the results of their research and give a demonstration of the cross-cultural simulation tool.

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Gregory, Eugene LTC


Army Research Labs (ARL)

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