Submissions from 2020


Examination of faculty development in the Departments of Civil & Mechanical Engineering and Geography & Environmental Engineering at the United States Military Academy, Jes Barron, Andrew Pfluger, Kathryn Pegues, and Thomas Bazemore

Submissions from 2019

Location, Location, Location: The Value of Disciplinary Adjacency in Enhancing Environmental Engineering Programs, Phil Dacunto and Michael Butkus


Sea ice detection from persistent single-channel shortwave infrared satellite data, Nicholas S. Lewis, Lora Koenig, Glenn Grant, David Gallaher, Kevin Schaefer, Jeffery Thompson, and G Garrett Campbell

The Impact of periodic Low-Stakes Testing on Environmental Engineering Education, Kyle R. Murray and Nathaniel P. Sheehan


Beer Brewing and the Environmental Engineer: "Tapping" into Experiential Learning, Kyle R. Murray, Benjamin M. Wallen, Luke T. Plante, Kimberly P. Quell, and Michael A. Butkus


Rapid Terrain Generation for GeoVisualization, Simulation, Mission Rehearsal, & Operations, Christopher Oxendine, Matt O'Banion, William Wright, Ian Irmischer, and Steven Fleming


Long-term Impact on Environmental Attitudes and Knowledge Assessed over Three Semesters of an Environmental Engineering Sequence, Benjamin M. Wallen, Nathaniel Sheehan, Luke Plante, Erick Martinez, and Jeffrey Starke

Submissions from 2011


Educating Future Leaders About Space at West Point, Diana Loucks, Ken Chadwick, Jessica Mikhaylov, Andrew Pfluger, Thomas Pugsley, and William Wright