Submissions from 2019


Allometric scaling of weight to height and resulting body mass index thresholds in two Asian populations., Karoline Hood, Jacob Ashcraft, Krista Watts, Sangmo Hong, Woong Choi, Steven B. Heymsfield, Rajesh K. Gautam, and Diana Thomas


Noble Metal Composite Porous Silk Fibroin Aerogel Fibers., Alexander N. Mitropoulos, F John Burpo, Chi K. Nguyen, Enoch A. Nagelli, Madeline Y. Ryu, Jenny L. Wang, R Kenneth Sims, Kamil Woronowicz, and J Kenneth Wickiser

Submissions from 2018


Salt-Mediated Au-Cu Nanofoam and Au-Cu-Pd Porous Macrobeam Synthesis., F John Burpo, Enoch A. Nagelli, Lauren A. Morris, Kamil Woronowicz, and Alexander N. Mitropoulos