About This Journal

Mathematica Militaris provides faculty the opportunity to formally present thoughts on mathematics and mathematics education to the academies and beyond. Example topics are pedagogy, use of technology in the classroom, course and thesis projects, curriculum, and instructor and career development.

Benefits of Publication in Mathematica Militaris:

1. It provides a sense of pride and accomplishment in formally organizing thoughts about something.

2. It is a forum to share thoughts with the mathematics faculty oand students of the Federal Service Academies.

3. It is a place to advertise your interests with others and build network connections and future collaborations.

4. It illustrates independent scholarship (resume or portfolio builder for promotion or job selection).

5. It is an outlet for Master Teacher activity.

6. It is a place to publish preliminary work for writing in a more scholarly publication.

7. It is a platform to showcase research projects of students of the Federal Service Academies.