Submissions from 2022


Unsupervised Machine Learning Approaches to Nuclear Particle Type Classification, Daniel Ruiz, Nicholas Liebers, Jacob Huckelberry, David Fobar, and Peter Chapman

Submissions from 2021


Applying Machine Learning to Neutron-Gamma Ray Discrimination from Scintillator Readout Using Wavelength Shifting Fibers, Michael K. Moore CDT'21, M H. Scherrer, Sean Clement, Daniel S. Hawthorne, Daniel C. Ruiz, Chad C. Schools, Craig Smith, and Brian Wade

Submissions from 2019


Unmanned Aircraft System Swarm for Radiological and Imagery Data Collection, James E. Bluman, Andrew N. Kopeikin, Samuel A. Heider, Dominic M. Larkin, Christopher M. Korpela, and Ricardo O. Morales