Securing Infrastructure's Industrial Control Systems (ICS)


Securing Infrastructure's Industrial Control Systems (ICS)


IEEE Infrastructure Conference

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The United States Army is a microcosm of the country and has many, if not all of the same functions and challenges. These functions and challenges extend to cybersecurity and its roll in defending infrastructure. As the lead for one of the first cyber protection teams to attempt to tackle infrastructure security for the DoD I came across significant issues in regards to tools, personnel (team composition, talent, retention, etc.), as well as typical organizational inertia. My team was able to overcome many of these challenges, but there are significant obstacles and opportunities for the larger community to tackle. The lessons and issues discussed in this talk are relevant to any large organization with a significant physical and logical footprint.

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Fall 9-20-2018

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Invited Talk


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Securing Infrastructure's Industrial Control Systems (ICS)

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