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Dynamics and Aerial Attitude Control for Rapid Emergency Deployment of the Four-Wheel Independent Drive and Steering (4WIDS) Agile Ground Robot AGRO
Daniel J. Gonzalez Ph.D., Mark C. Lesak, Andres H. Rodriguez CDT '22, Joseph A. Cymerman, and Christopher M. Korpela Ph.D.


Assessing the Impact of New Teaching Methods by Predicting Student Performance
Jakob C. Bruhl, Elizabeth C. Bristow, and Led Klosky


Geometric approximation model of inter-lidar interference
Gerald B. Popko, Thomas K. Gaylord, and Christopher R. Valenta


The effect of transitioning from a rearfoot strike to a non-rearfoot strike on running impulses per step
Gregory M. Freisinger, Nathaniel Schlosser, Daniel Watson, Erin Miller, and Donald Goss


A dynamic ensemble for estimating state-of-charge of interchangeable robot batteries
Samuel J. Miller, Stephen Uyehara, Zachary Vosburgh, Jacob Moffatt, Brayden Banske, Dominique Tan, and Christopher J. Lowrance


Classifying Terrestrial Based Forest Photography with Geographic Information Systems to Model Signal Loss
William Wright, Benjamin E. Wilkinson, Wendell P. Cropper JR, and Christopher E. Oxendine


Estimating signal loss in pine forests using hemispherical sky oriented photos
William C. Wright, Benjamin E. Wilkinson, and Wendell P. Cropper Jr


Teaching Military Geography Through GIS: Re-evaluating the Defense of Revolutionary War West Point
Thomas M. Hanlon, William Wright, Joseph P. Henderson, and Michael D. Hendricks


Towards a Heterogeneous Swarm for Object Classification
Ross Arnold, Benjamin Abruzzo, and Christopher Korpela


What is a Robot Swarm: A Definition for Swarming Robotics
Ross Arnold, Kevin Carey, Benjamin Abruzzo, and Christopher Korpela


Towards a General-Purpose, Replicable, Swarm-Capable Unmanned Aircraft System
Ross Arnold, Andrew N. Kopeikin, Benjamin Abruzzo, and Christopher Korpela


Artificial Intelligence Ethics: Governance through Social Media
Jorge Buenfil, Ross Arnold, Benjamin Abruzzo, and Christopher Korpela

*Updated as of 03/29/20.