Most Recent Additions*


Predictive Mathematical Models of Weight Loss
Diana M Thomas, Michael Scioletti, and Steven B Heymsfield


Row Row Row Your Bot – Trust Me or Not: Investigating the Performance of Human-Robot Teams
Ericka Rovira, Dominic Larkin, Michael Novitzky, Nikiay Comer, Kaley Rose, and Britany Van Lange


How Robots and Autonomous Weapon Systems are Changing the Norms and Laws of War
Christopher Korpela, Dominic M. Larkin, David Parsons, and William J. Barry


Anchor Bolt Patterns for Mechanically Fastened FRP Plates
Brad C. McCoy, Zakariya Bourara, Rudolf Seracino, and Gregory W. Lucier


Student Energy Audits of Buildings Can be Done!
Victoria A. Scala and James Klosky


Anticipated Adjudication: An Analysis of the Judicialization of Agency Staffing
Scott Limbocker, William G. Resh, and Jennifer L. Selin


The Politics of Careers in the U.S. Civil Service
Scott Limbocker and Mark Richardson


Special Operations Command and Congress: Improving RFI Effectiveness
Zachary Griffiths, Bryce Johnston, and Scott Limbocker

*Updated as of 09/23/19.