Enhancing Cybersecurity Content in Undergraduate Information Systems Programs: A Way Forward

Contributing USMA Research Unit(s)

Army Cyber Institute, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Publication Date

Winter 12-2018

Publication Title

Proceedings of the 13th Pre-ICIS Workshop on Information Security and Privacy

Document Type

Conference Proceeding


The ongoing barrage of data and infrastructure breaches is a constant reminder of the critical need to enhance the cybersecurity component of modern undergraduate information systems (IS) education. Although the most recent undergraduate information systems curricular guidelines (IS2010) highlight security in the context of data, enterprise architecture, and risk management, much more needs to be done. The IS education community needs to identify cybersecurity competencies and curricular content that further integrates cybersecurity principles and practices into IS curricular guidelines. Until this is completed at the IS community level, IS programs will need to fulfill this role individually. This paper contributes to both these efforts by reviewing relevant literature and initiatives – highlighting two primary paths of curricular development: (1) the evolution of IS curricular guidelines, and (2) the development of Cybersecurity as a standalone discipline. Using these resources, the paper summarizes best practices for integrating cybersecurity into curricula and explores the integration of IS into cybersecurity programs.

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