A networked control system for heterogeneous robots

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Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Robotics Research Center

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2008 IEEE International Conference on Technologies for Practical Robot Applications

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Conference Proceeding


To replace numerous platform-specific operator control units, this paper presents a design methodology and implementation for a low-cost, networked control system for heterogeneous robots that is chassis and operator control unit independent. By leveraging small embedded computers, we can control and connect various platforms through an existing wireless infrastructure and implement semi-autonomous capabilities for obstacle detection and avoidance. Our approach uses a standardized control system that connects to existing robots in a plug-and-play manner. Our programmable and adaptable controller can be applied to a wide variety of sectors such as military, law enforcement, and search and rescue. Regardless of the sector, an urgent need exists to meet the current challenges of unmanned system interoperability. We achieve a level of standardization between various platforms in order to incorporate greater levels of compatibility and autonomy.

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