Evolving the Robotic Technology Kernel to Expand Future Force Autonomous Ground Vehicle Capabilities

Contributing USMA Research Unit(s)

Center for Innovation and Engineering, Civil and Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Robotics Research Center, Systems Engineering

Publication Date

Fall 8-13-2019

Publication Title

Proceedings of the Ground Vehicle Systems Engineering and Technology Symposium (GVSETS)

Document Type

Conference Proceeding


This paper presents the conceptual design, development, and implementation of the Robotic Technology Kernel (RTK) in a Polaris GEM e2 by the United States Military Academy's autonomy research team. RTK is the autonomous software suite of the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Ground Vehicles Systems Center and to this point has primarily been used within off-road environments. The research team's primary objectives were to verify RTK's platform-agnostic characteristic by implementing the control software on a small, low-speed electric vehicle and augmenting the software to provide the additional capability of operating within an established infrastructure rule set.

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