Expanding the Hyper-Enabled Operator Technology across the Special Forces Enterprise

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Systems Engineering

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Industrial and Systems Engineering Review - Special Issue

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The Hyper-Enabled Operator (HEO) system is the next-generation Special Forces system that will increase the survivability and lethality of operators by providing the right person with the right information at the right time. This system was originally intended for direct-action operators; however, the need for information is common to many Special Forces jobs, including joint terminal air controllers, helicopter pilots, helicopter crew chiefs, intelligence officers, psyops officers, civil affairs officers, and vehicle drivers. This analysis set out to determine the applicability of HEO technology to these eight different positions. First, the HEO system was analyzed to identify the technologies that will play a role in the system. Stakeholder analysis then provided insights into each job, allowing for the determination of their capability gaps. These capability gaps were then aligned against HEO technology. The analysis revealed that several high -level requirements should be added to the HEO system to make it adaptable across the Special Forces enterprise.

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