A finite element analysis engineering solution to short riveted connections under dynamic loadings

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Civil and Mechanical Engineering

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The International Journal of Protective Structures

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The research presented in this manuscript focuses on the development of an LS-DYNA finite element model to predict the dynamic shear strength of short riveted lap-spliced specimens. Using data collected from experimental testing at the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC), a finite element model was developed to replicate the behavior of A502 Grade short riveted connections under quasi-static loading. Subsequent analyses used published Cowper-Symonds constitutive model coefficients to replicate the behavior of these connections under dynamic loading. Computed results were then compared with available test data from ERDC. Given the challenges involved in creating physical models with riveted connections and the abundance of historical bridges constructed with rivets, the developed finite element analysis engineering solution can serve as a critical tool for researchers interested in predicting the response of short riveted connections to dynamic loading and those interested in developing strategies to mitigate against this loading.

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