Model-based Systems Engineering: Application and Lessons from a Technology Maturation Project

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Systems Engineering

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Proceedings of the 18th Annual Conference on Systems Engineering Research

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The Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit (TALOS) project is a Special Operations Command (SOCOM) initiative to enhance operator performance, situational awareness, survivability, and lethality. The project adopted a Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) approach to manage the structural system configuration and support the test and integration plan. This approach relies on a unified model in the Systems Modeling Language (SysML) to capture the logical and physical aspects of the system design. The MBSE approach was used to develop a test and evaluation framework that allows for traceability of test plans back to performance requirements. Additionally, the model supported the integration of hardware and software as well as the design of wire harnesses; the MBSE approach provided benefits over more traditional integration techniques. This paper provides lessons learned including the need to balance requirements analysis with functional characterization and the products that were generated from the model. Overall the adoption of the MBSE approach provided lessons on managing a system’s configuration among a distributed team.

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