A Parallel DEVS Approach for Cloud Simulation Standards

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Systems Engineering

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Proceedings of Simulation Innovation Workshop, Orlando, September 2016

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Conference Proceeding


Distributed simulation environments present numerous challenges to the modeling and simulation community, including difficulty in creating new models, uniformity of model behavior across a simulation execution, reasoning about execution of models within complex distributed systems, and deploying simulation executions to a cloud environment. Several rapidly evolving technologies can help address many of these challenges. These technologies include functional programming, reactive systems development, microservices, and containerization. In this paper we discuss these technologies and how they can be leveraged within a PDEVS environment. The Parallel Discrete Event System Specification (PDEVS) formalism allows for execution of concurrent complex systems composed of discrete components coupled in a hierarchical structure. We discuss the development of a simulation framework using the above technologies as part of the Distributed Modeling Framework (DMF) project and its use in support of a small arms lethality study. Throughout, we discuss on a set of standards that can enable the definition and composability of models as well as the deployment, discovery, and orchestration of models within a cloud environment.

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