Contributing USMA Research Unit(s)

Cyber Research Center, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Publication Date

Spring 4-22-2020

Publication Title

2020 Wireless Telecommunications Symposium (WTS) (WTS 2020)

Document Type

Conference Proceeding


One of the central tenants of information security is availability. One common form of attack against the availability of information in wireless networks is jamming. Currently, the most common techniques to provide jam-resistant communication, such as frequency-hopping spread spectrum (FHSS), are based on the use of a symmetric shared secret. However, there are theoretical approaches to jam resistance without a pre-shared secret. One theoretical approach using concurrent codes, called the BBC algorithm, was developed at the United States Air Force Academy.

We developed and tested the effectiveness of REBUF, a Jam Resistant BBC based Uncoordinated Frequency Division Multiplexing (FDM) system. REBUF is the first known implementation of the BBC algorithm in a simultaneous frequency division multiplexing system. The contributions of this paper include: demonstrating the practical use of a BBC based FDM system, the ability of such a system to jam traditional orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) systems, and the resilience of such a system to some common forms of jamming.

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