Engineering Creativity: Ideas from the Visual Arts for Engineering Programs

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Civil and Mechanical Engineering

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2020 ASEE Virtual Annual Conference

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Conference Proceeding


Engineers being educated today must be creative and innovative. An important part of developing creative and innovative solutions is the framework within which students are taught to think and formulate ideas. The scientific method is among the first such framework taught to students as early as elementary school and reinforced into college. Within engineering curricula, students are introduced to an engineering design process. These methods are valuable but do not necessarily translate to developing creative ability that can be more broadly applied. In fine art programs, however, deliberate effort is made to develop creative abilities in addition to learning technical processes within which to showcase that creativity. This paper compares the scientific method, engineering design process, and creative methods taught in the fine arts. Through this comparison, commonalities are identified and insights from fine arts creative methods are applied to the engineering curriculum.

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