Physiological versus Self-Report Measures of Arousal During Tactical Training Involving a Synthetic Topographic Environment

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Army Cyber Institute, Behavioral Sciences and Leadership

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2021 Virtual Simulation Innovation Workshop (SIW)

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Conference Proceeding


This research examines the relationship between the electrodermal activity (EDA) of 43 West Point Cadets while viewing military tactics displays and compares that to results from the Self-Assessment Manikin (SAM; Bradley & Lang, 1994). First there is a need to understand how EDA varies between two different types of presentation formats. Second it was expected that the EDA data would negatively correlate to self-report data based on previous research (Boyce, Reyes, et al., 2016), and third was that EDA and self-report data would be able to predict performance. Results did not indicate significant differences based on display type, however the results did support the negative correlation between EDA and SAM. Finally there was a trend toward predicting performance but it did not reach statistically significant levels, warranting the need for further investigation.

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