Effectiveness of the Engagement Skills Trainer 2000

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Industrial and Systems Engineering Review

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The purpose of this article and study is to analyze the effectiveness of the Engagement Skills Trainer 2000 (EST2000), which is the program of record for Army marksmanship training. The EST2000 has only been used for training with the actual marksmanship qualification being done on live ranges. However, the newest version of the rifle qualification course will include a component of shooting on the EST2000. Thus, this study is designed to evaluate the effectiveness of the EST2000 in capturing real-world performance. USMA cadets were recruited to complete the Basic Rifle Marksmanship (BRM) course on the EST2000, and these results were compared to the shooter’s performance on a live BRM course. A paired t-test was conducted to determine whether the EST2000 scores and the BRM scores were statistically different, and an R2 value was calculated to determine the amount of correlation between the soldier’s performance on the EST2000 and real-world performance.

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