Equipment Turn-In and Transfer Process Modeling

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Systems Engineering

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Proceedings of the Annual General Donald R. Keith Memorial Conference

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In military bases across the country, there is excess equipment that costs money to store while it is going unused. When this excess grows large enough, there is an obvious need to turn it in or transfer it to a location where it will be used, but there is not currently a process in the military to handle large stocks like Fort Hood, Texas. This research examines the possibilities of what this turn-in process can look like and how to create a modernized and synchronized method that can be employed across the Army. Modeling this proposed process in ProModel should highlight issues with the current flow and recommend system improvements. Although the process has just been implemented at Fort Hood, there are several system improvements that have been identified by backlogs in the discrete-event simulation including reducing process times, allowing workers to perform tasks in parallel, and reducing time needed to order and install parts. These improvements will make the equipment turn-in process more manageable for Army-wide implementation and success.

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