The conversion of used cooking oils into biodiesel

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Biofuels International

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In the past decade, we have seen technological advancements in motor vehicles that run on renewable energy sources. The increasing threat of fossil fuel depletion coupled with the need to maintain renewable sources continues to push for the demand for biofuel.
We live in a world where the global market for biofuels and renewable sources continues to grow in order to maintain the growing population. Our reliance on energy is a global necessity as our government attempts to mitigate the growing issue of climate change as a direct result of increased demand for automobile fuel.

The most obvious benefit of replacing fossil fuels is the environmental impact it will have on carbon emissions. Since biofuels burn faster and cleaner than fossil fuels, it will release greenhouse gases at a lower and slower rate. Secondly, the use of biofuels will allow the economy to reap its benefits.

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