Determinants of intention to disclose concussion symptoms in a population of U.S. military cadets.

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Journal of science and medicine in sport / Sports Medicine Australia

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OBJECTIVES: Non-disclosure of concussion complicates concussion management, but almost nothing is known about non-disclosure in military settings. This study describes concussion disclosure-related knowledge, attitudes, perceived social norms, perceived control, and intention. Additionally, the study identifies determinants of high intention to disclose concussion symptoms.

DESIGN: Cross sectional survey.

METHODS: First-year service academy cadets completed a cross-sectional survey to assess perceptions of concussion disclosure. Independent variables included: gender, race, ethnicity, high school athlete status, NCAA athlete status, previous concussion history, previous concussion education, socioeconomic proxy, concussion-related knowledge, attitudes about concussion, perceived social norms (perceived peer/organizational support and actions), and perceived control over disclosure. Log-binomial regression was used to identify determinants of high intention to disclose concussion symptoms.

RESULTS: A total of 972 first-year military service academy cadets completed the survey [85% response; age=18.4±0.9y]. In the simple models, previous concussion history was associated with lower intention to disclose concussion symptoms. High perceived control over disclosure, higher concussion knowledge, more favorable attitudes and social norms about concussion were associated with high intention to disclose. In the multivariable model, a 10% shift towards more favorable perceived social norms (PR=1.28; p

CONCLUSIONS: Concussion-related perceived social norms, attitudes, and perceived control are associated with intention to disclose. Organizationally appropriate intervention strategies can be developed from these data.

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