New Defenses for the Hybrid Battlefield

Contributing USMA Research Unit(s)

Army Cyber Institute

Publication Date

Fall 10-5-2021

Publication Title

2021 NATO STO IST-190 Symposium on AI, ML and BD for Hybrid Military Operations (AI4HMO)

Document Type

Conference Proceeding


The modern battlefield is continuing to evolve as new threats emerge that create what has been coined ‘hybrid warfare.’ In conflicts such as those in Syria, Saudi Arabia, Armenia, and the Ukraine, weapons are being introduced or used in novel ways. Drones are performing attacks en masse or individually as munition delivery systems or flying bombs [1]–[3]. Electronic warfare is experiencing a resurgence with signal jamming and Position Location System (PLS) spoofing [4], [5]. Information warfare is gaining prominence as botnets spread misinformation and cyber-attacks target critical infrastructure [6]. Given these threats, NATO forces must rethink their defenses to protect their combat power and maintain their freedom to maneuver.

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