Drones Will not Liberate Ukraine – but Tanks Will

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Mathematical Sciences

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Summer 6-24-2022

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Center for European Policy Analysis (Washington, D.C.)

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A counteroffensive needs protected firepower that can follow the maneuvering units. Tanks fill that role to support mechanized and light infantry in their forward movement. Post-1990, modern Western tanks have improved sensors and targeting systems, the later versions with laser range finders and thermal imaging. Electronic warfare cannot intercept a tank round; once it is on its way, the round will continue until it hits. Properly used, tanks remain a key system on the frontlines. Advanced armored vehicles (many of which now sit in Western storage facilities) have the power to turn the military tide. The pretense by democratic countries that supplying tanks to Ukraine is escalation is simply fatuous. It is time to dust them down and send them eastwards.

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