Photonic Crystal Vertical Cavity Lasers

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Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

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Proceedings of SPIE, 2004, Vol.5364 (1), p.92-96

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Conference Proceeding


Photonic crystal confinement in vertical cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSELs) is a robust and reliable technology for achieving operation in the fundamental lateral mode and is potentially applicable to a variety of materials systems and operating wavelengths. We demonstrate photonic crystal VCSELs operating in a single transverse mode with over 30 dB side mode suppression and over 1 mW of output power. These lasers have been subjected to a post-process technique to introduce the etched holes making up the photonic crystals that surround a centralized defect in which lasing occurs. We also show that coupling between adjacent defects in a photonic lattice is possible, further increasing the power available in the devices.

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