Single Mode Photonic Crystal Vertical Cavity Lasers

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Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

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Applied physics letters, 2006, Vol.88 (9), p.091114-091114-3

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We report the accuracy of the photonic crystal model in describing the characteristics of vertical cavity surface-emitting lasers with lateral optical confinement consisting of a periodic array of etched circular holes. Experiments were carried out to compare predictions of the photonic crystal model to observed modal device characteristics, and the oxide aperture size was optimized to give maximum output power and lower threshold. The role of loss in improving modal properties was also investigated. Optimized lasers exhibit submilliamp threshold current and operate in the fundamental lateral mode for all currents. This work is supported by a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship and Grant No. 03-35082. The authors thank E. Shyu, E. Yamaoka, S. Lala, and M. Hwang for device characterization and Y. H. Lee for valuable discussions.

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