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Center for Teaching Excellence

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Spring 4-15-2021

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Master Teacher Program

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This research project sought to enhance students’ ability to “perform” in a second language (SL) through a modification to course instruction through an emphasis on ‘FORTE’ (Family, Occupation, Recreation, Travel, Education). This study was conducted over the Spring semester of 2021 across two classroom sections of LA204 - Basic Arabic II (n=24). The objective of this research was to determine the extent to which modifications to course instruction methods affect students’ level of confidence in speaking Arabic as measured by survey responses, instructor observation, and verbal feedback. Additionally, the research sought to determine if ability to perform in a second language demonstrated an increased interest in pursuing additional language study. Over the course of the semester, students were introduced to specific material relating to FORTE and practiced this material during the ‘warm-up’ period of the class (first 10 to 15 minutes). While the findings show significant increase in reported confidence in student speaking ability, more research is required to determine what effect this may have on enthusiasm for continued Arabic study.