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Mathematical Sciences

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Winter 12-23-2022

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Center for European Policy Analysis (Washington, D.C.)

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Open-source researchers at Killed in Ukraine have confirmed 800-plusRussian senior lieutenants and captains KIA. When the loss of wounded inaction (WIA) is added, it is likely that half of all competent ground-fightingcompany commanders in the Russian force in Ukraine are either KIA or WIA.Russia may be running out of missiles, but these can be bought andmanufactured; what they are more certainly lacking is able tactical leaders. Why does this matter? First, tactical leaders are essential to executecombined arms, and company commanders lead the fight by synchronizingfires, movement, and supporting units. A company commander is also thehighest-level officer who knows each soldier in their unit, and can drive theexecution of a mission by his presence. This matters to the Russian army.Motivation and the will to fight have deteriorated over time.